AIE Fully Universal Application Vehicle CD Player via USB/External Controller. (USBCDPLAY1DLX) is Designed for All Vehicles with or Without USB Connection.

Price: $193.41
(as of Jun 05,2022 13:50:46 UTC – Details)

Enjoy playing your favorite CD’s when played through your vehicles Factory Radio system. Compatible Formats are .WMA or .WAV. This easy to install USB CD Player by Automotive Integrated Electronics (AIE) is a quality solution enabling you to enjoy your CD’s through your vehicles factory radio system. The system includes a Universal Application Controller, Adapter. See “User Guide” PDF in Product Information Section of site page for detailed Installation Instructions. It will take the USB data signal and convert it to a usable analog audio stream adaptable to any 3 5mm audio input. It also includes a dash or center console mounted control knob to operate the player. The kit also includes a USB Adapter, Converter. It is designed to open the USB data port of selected vehicles to allow open audio inputs. It converts the USB input connection to a 3 5mm audio input. Without using the Universal Application Adapters, the Unit has a Single cable installation CD player can be mounted both Vertical or Horizontal – under the car seat or under the dash or in any other accessible location. Do not install upside down or past the zero degree vertical angle. Then just plug in the connecting cable into your vehicles USB port on your factory radio. You will retain Full radio control ability. Unit dimensions: 5. 75″ X 5. 75″ X 1. 5″. (3) TYPES OF INSTALLATION: 1-USING THE SINGLE USB CABLE AND ASSUMING YOU HAVE CONFIRMED THE VEHICLE YOU ARE ATTEMPTING INSTALLATION ON IS COVERED BY THE FIT CHART SIMPLY CONNECT THE USB CABLE MOUNT THE UNIT AND YOU ARE DONE 2-IF THE VEHICLE IS NOT ON THE FIT CHART PROCEED TO USING THE CDADP-1 CD PLAYER ADAPTER PLUG THE USB CABLE FROM THE USB CD PLAYER INTO THE PROVIDED INPUT ON THE ADAPTER CONNECT ACC POWER AND GROUND TO THE ADAPTER POWER AND GROUND LEADS TAKE THE PROVIDED 3 5MM MINIJACK AUDIO OUTPUT AND PLUG IT INTO THE VEHICLES PROVIDED 3 5MM AUDIO INPUT AND THEN MOUNT THE PROVIDED DIAL CONTROLLER SOMEWHERE CONVENIENT AND ACCESSIBLE AND YOU ARE COMPLETE 3-IF THE VEHICLE IS NOT ON THE FIT CHART AND DOES NOT HAVE A 3 5MM MINIJACK AUDIO INPUT TAKE THE USB AUX CABLE THAT IS PROVIDED IN THE BOX AND PROCEED TO CONNECT THAT TO AN OPEN USB DATA INPUT PORT OF YOUR VEHICLE PLEASE MAKE SURE THE USB PORT YOU CHOOSE IS FOR DATA AND NOT JUST FOR CHARGING ONLY THIS ADAPTER IS DESIGNED TO AN EMULATOR WHICH WILL ADAPT AND CONVERT THE USB PORT TO A 3 5MM MINIJACK INPUT THIS WILL ALLOW THE 3 5MM MINIJACK AUDIO OUTPUT CONNECTOR FROM THE CDADP-1 TO CONNECT TO AND PROVIDE AUDIO TO YOUR FACTORY RADIO SYSTEM
Compatible Formats are WMA or WAV; Play your favorite CD’s and listen to them through your vehicle’s factory radio and sound system retains full radio control ability when connected to USB
This USB CD Player is another quality product by Automotive Integrated Electronics (AIE); Unit can be mounted either Vertical or Horizontal; Do not install upside down or past the zero degree vertical angle
Review vehicle fit guide in site page images for USB connection, CD Player model and year compatibility, or use the provided CD controller adapter to work for ANY vehicle
Included Components: CD Player, USB Cable, CD Player Adapter, CD Aux Cable, Dial Controller; See User Guide PDF in Product Information Section of site page for detailed Installation Instructions

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